4 Weird Happenings In:

(Not Advised To Baung Readers, NOT!)

Okay, this week im doing something different. I've thought of doing some research on the things around me and report in weekly at Attention Please. So this week's report is about the top 4 weird happenings around Baung block. I use 4 because it's one of the synonyms for bad luck, not that i believe in it. Not sure if it's spine chilling or the likes, but still, interesting.

1. The Toilet Incident. Everyday i go to the toilet in the morning, there has to be someone who uses the john stall while not sliding the door's lock. The bad thing? Well there was this one time when i REALLY had to go, so i just strode like a runner into the toilet, kicked at one of the doors that looks unlocked and deceivingly empty and went in like a ram. To my surprise, someone was stand-pee-ing. Luckily, my shorts were still on the time i was ramming in and the guy was not taking a dump and...i could still hold my load lol. Due to secrecy, the name of the guy(s) caught not locking is to be remained secret.

2. The Mysterious Melodies. At 2 am, sometimes you can hear singing. High pitch singing. Is it the Spawn of Satan? Or a wailing specter? Nope, just some A-holes. Dunno from where, but you just can hear em. At that time, i was like: FOOK! AKU NAK STUDY LA! DIAM AR! Seriously annoying. As if the loudness of their speakers weren't enuff to break the silence of the night. Kalau pasang Surah ke aku tak ler kisah. Anyway, these mysterious melodies can also be heard time-time Azan, thats really something coz sometimes the ones that do these 'mysterious melodies' are the ones that should be respecting the Azan the most. Tak cukup kuat agaknye speaker surau ni. The one thing i still don't get is that, sometimes, the ones who aren't affiliated with the the Azan, know that they should turn off their audios for a while, if not, lower thier volumes. Pelik tetapi benar.

3. The Water In The Sink . I dont know why, but the sink in the toilet beside my room keeps getting clogged/tersumbat by myterious foods and gets filled up to the brim. I call them mysterious foods because i don't know who is dumb enough to NOT use the trash can to throw their lefteovers in and instead uses the sink. So as an aftermath, each time i went in to brush my teeth at the sink, i see a vomit like puddle in the sink. Sometimes, it smells like rotten eggs, old beans and carcass all in one. Eeeew, WTF? Seriously, WTF. Dude, if the makcik cleaners weren't coming to clean this shit up, i swear im gonna yell at the next guy who does this. Period! Dont you know that other people use the same sink also? Use your brain, Brainless~

4. The Missing Ones. I bet this happens in most blocks because of the 'honesty' of some people. You know when you just happen to leave some stuff in the toilet like pails, cups, spoons, you name it, it goes poof? Gone? Nada? Hey i left mine there for a purpose okay! Like some food utensils, you need to soak it in soap for a while to clean it better. But hey, we know that some people are just 'too honest' when they see something, take it with all their pride. Keep it, till you BURN IN HEYLL! Nasib ar siapa ambik brang aku, memang aku doala 'kesejahteraan' korang. Goodluck living a 'good' life!

If there are any similarities (and there are), it's pure coincidence. The story is a fable, with a moral, strictly for those readers who enjoy fables or morals. LOL

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