Berbuka Bersama Canselor...NOT!!! (18++ thing)

The Masjid and Charit...wait what? =P

So like yesterday, me, Charit, Piko, Bo, Caram, Lado and tu jela! Went to Masjid UPM nak berbuka dengan Canselor. And we was like YEAH~ free food, and we were already wearing out baju melayu and stuff! (At first). But then, we realized that all, i mean ALL the tables were taken. And that was NOT the bad part. The bad part was that there was NO FOOD LEFT. At first memang tak cayer la so we went to the caterers tent to get our own food, tengok2 kat sana pon habis! OMG~ Time to come up with something brilliant! Let's see, hmm...masjid+SS=Fast FOOD! So off we go!!! Bukak baju, pakai t-shirt, jalan~

The idea was...

So the journey to find fast meals begins as soon as I mentioned 'McDonalds'! The Journey was tiring but saddend we were not, for tasty supper feast awaits us at the Red Castle with two golden arches! Alas, we arrived at the gates of the kingdom, where we were greeted by the knights of Mac, dresses in Red, called 'Mat', with their noble Steed carrying a red box behind saying "24-hours Delivery". As we open the twin transparent mirrors, the whiff of royal dishes caught out noses! So apelagi...order la!

5 Big Mac + 1 Cheesebugger Tower

Bo indulging in the finest served coke(aine?)

The love sign in various mother tongue which no one really gives a shit...

Aaah the hay of fries~ delightful i shall say, for they are just how girls like it, long, soft, and hot.

Yes, taste that long fry, stuff it~

The big gulp, loaded with coke~

See what happens when you have too much coke? You dream about swimming in ice~ and PONIES!

My roomate~ sengih je~ too much coke~

Caram and The Megasize Mac, i wonder why is he fingering the camera...

More french-hay-fries

The Chanselor at the place we went, he was pretty happy i say...

So i'd say that was pure pleasure~ (except for the bill...)
LOL what do you guys think?

Pelik ar, apsal gambar aku sorang je xde ek? Pelik~
Well hoping tomorrow dapat pegi Low Yat. Nak ikut? LOL

4 text messages:

dunkers said...

len kali p kfc plak..hakhak

eM. said...

dat "long soft and hot" - is bugging me..

wawawawa~!.of course girls like it dat way..but how wud u know dat?.

saya aida said...

mati2 ingt sonok berbuka ngn sultan

piko said...

wei gambar tu jg yg ko letak ek

twatter, i'll follow u later =)