What I Did on the 31st Of August

Lemme show you how i celebrated merdeka:

There were lotsa people at Bukit Bintang, especially near the DiGi booth~

Its because they closed off the roads coming in and out, thats why theres so many people wandering the streets. Anyway, why was i at Bukit Bintang on Independance eve?

Voila~! The Reason! Woohoo~

Comes with an EDGE adapter and a 1GB card~

Ai~ bila la~ nak study nih...huhuhu~

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Asyraf Azizan said...

laptop baru ke

moonsyi said...

then u'll wanna know also what i did last 31082008...wohoo...hint: nyam2...

eM. said...

is dat wat i think it is..?

a new GBA...????

ape kes pakai edge..WIMAX Ah..

Fær/Farhan/Unown F/Gyan said...

To Lehe: Tu NDS Lite ar~

To Carit: Ko g Wendys ke?

To em: EDGE tu game adapter la makcik!

eM. said...

yela pakcik!!!

makcik tau EDGE tu digi jer!!

nak pinjam..nak main!!~~

b E e L a t H i R a said...

wah3..31ogos yg menarek


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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