ShortReview: KAMI The Movie

One word: WOOOHOOO~!

More words: Yeah! Seriously YEAH! To tell you the truth, I'm already sick of the usual M'sia genre of movies (the usual lovey-dovey-mellow-story, Cinta, Sepi, any of those) so KAMI TM really gives me a break from all that. Thumbs up and hats down to the story-line for me.

Okay, to start off, this is the kind of teen-movie that does not revolve around love, which is somehow rare in M'sia (I mean, look at Gubra and Sepet and Dunia Baru, well a little). I'm really impressed by the storyline, very interesting way on how to tell that drugs can screw your life in more ways than one. Seriously, after watching KAMI TM, you'd really think before doing drugs =P Plus, it doesn't have too many silly-slap-stick jokes (Really, in some movies, they just overdid it and ruins the mood.)

Watching KAMI TM, really made me stop and think of how many times I've faced problems in life and that it doesn't even hold a candle to the ones faced by some people and made me thank-God that I'm not an addict and not have family problems O_o Amen~

Frankly, i don't think anyone needs to follow the 8 series before watching the movie because the movie can decribe the characters by itself. But just incase, try to catch up to the 8 episodes of KAMI series, it makes the whole movie a lot more interesting. You can watch it via YouTube tho.

Lastly, this isn't your average Malay movie, so if you're into movies using bahasa rojak, KL lifestyle-teens, loud music, extemely un-batas-ed interaction, bla-bla, Meet Uncle Hussein, teen probs, family probs, this is YOUR MOVIE. If not, keep an open mind, it's only for 2 hours 20 mins huhu~

Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada...

Rating: 4/5.9

The Good: An alternative from the current style of M'sian movies. They actually used the F word (but censored la). Looking forward to watch it on tv on next raya (kalo ada la hehe)!

The Bad: Sofie (Jo Evans), doesn't look like a 20 y.o. And that is BAAAAAD~! Mid-level violence (DAMN!) Some of the lines are so fake...but acceptable =P

The Middle: It really is like watchin 5 episodes compressed into 1, just no ads ^_^ which makes it hard to go to the toilet T_T...

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eM. said...

dah pandai tgk cite melayu..
pasni cite antoo fighter ek??

Fær/Farhan/Unown F/Gyan said...

lol dpends on the ratings =P

pjoe said...

Salam. aku ada wat web juz nk mintak komen dari ko jew ttg web nie:

komen web nie kat:


twatter, i'll follow u later =)