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on Monday, January 5, 2009

today i went to Carrefour Subang Jaya
i went there to find Samsung i550w
i go to the shop below the stair.. but they said
that they didn't have any stock for Samsung
so i went to another shop and he give me
price Rm1000

he said that the stock will come around 3pm
and he will contact me if the stock come
earlier than 3pm

so i went back to shah alam..
want to pay my Celcom bills
in my ride to Section 9, i got a call from the shop
saying that i550w that i want (AP set)
doesn't come with WiFi...

I really want to scream "WTF??"
so i park in front of celcom centre
and start my conversation properly
it goes something like this

S:phone samsung yg u maw.. xde wifi r.. ap set nye xde wifi.. kalo original punye.. baru de.. kne tambah lagi tiga ratus..
A:(what the f*ck?) apsal lak? ni bile phone leh sampai?
S:sbb ap set nye.. mmg kne register dulu baru leh gune wifi.. kalo x.. xleh gne.. mau original set.. tambah lagi tiga ratus dulu..
A:xpe2.. nnt sy dtg.. sy tgk itu phone.. so pukul 3 sy dtg k
S:tp xleh pakai wifi lor.. better amik itu nokia la...
A:dh pakai nokia n82 r.. mau itu samsung i550w jugak.. xkisah r.. nnt sy tgk itu phone.. sy check sendiri.. kul 3 sy sampai..
S:owh.. ok2..

call end..

what the F dude? i need to register to used wifi?
come on.. who am i he want to trick like that?
i've been using p990i,Nokia N82,E90,N95,N95 8GB,W960,E71 and lots of other
freak smart phone..
and he want to trick me that using wifi.. i need to register?
i forgot to ask a silly question back to him
"nk register kt spe eh?"

so around 250pm i head back to subang jaya..
before that i call him..

A:stock dh sampai lom?
S:lu mari sni dlu..
A:phone dh de?
S:lu mari je k..

(call end just like that...) Key-Mark-Toll

so i ride back to subang jaya..
i know that he want to trick me..
so this time.. i go all out..

S:jap eh..
S:itu samsung kn.. xleh pakai itu wifi lor.. kne register dlu.. u kne angkat yg original set baru leh wifi..
A:mne itu phone?kasi sy tgk dlu lor.. nnt sy check.. kalo ok... sy beli r..
S:phone ada.. kalo u xmaw beli.. rugi r sy..
A:sy maw beli lor.. sbb tu sy dtg sini.. dh 2 jam tunggu.. mne phone nye?
S:phone ada.. tp wifi xleh gune... kne register dlu lor.. tambah lagi rm300

(i shout a little.. n then the situation become interesting)

S:sy leh dptkn awk phone tu.. tp takut awk xmaw beli..
A:sy nk phone tu.. nk tgk.. then sy bli.. sy dtg sini nk beli!!

(the shop owner call someone.. and i know.. thats just an act.. loser...)

S:kejap lagi sampai.. tunggu jap yer..
A:berapa lama lagi?
S:setengah jam lagi..
A:apsal lama sgt?
S:bos suro org tu g kedai lain dlu.. kl jam lor..
A:aii... dh 2 jam sy tunggu.. phone xde? (i really angry at that time.. but honestly.. i know he just lying to me)
S:jap lagi sampai.. tp wifi xleh guna taw

(more on the wifi-need-to-register-trick)

S:kne register dlu.. nnt kalo i amik stock... u xmaw beli.. rugi lor..
A:i dtg sini nk bli phone.. ni de phone ke x?kalo xde.. pulangkn balik rm100 tu..(my deposit)
S:ada ma.. kami kedai phone.. jual phone.. phone ada.. (i know you lying!! i'm not an idiot,damn it!!)

(more argument about wifi.. actually.. he just repeat about paying more rm300 for register or original set or what the F he meant all over again)

S:u amik sony ericsson lor..
A:sy dh gne ni N82(show my phone to him) p990,E90,E71,N95.. so skrg ni sy nk samsung.. lgpun ni bkn utk sy.. ni abg sy nk.. dia pun dh pakai n82 mcm sy.. dia skrg ni nk samsung.. so sy carikn samsung..


(he call someone again.. i know.. its fake.. what a loser shop)

S:kne tunggu sampai kul 7 r utk stock (he said that so that i change my mind..)
A:pe ni? td kata kul 3.. skrg dh 3:44pm xde lagi ke?
S:ok2.. cancel r.. i kasi blk rm100 u.. meh resit..

so i get back my rm100..
what a waste of time.. f*cker..
i went back empty handed..

(actually i really angry.. my voice was so loud at that time..)

tips for hand phone
check for the lifetime of the phone aka the talk time

*#06# IMEI (check whether you no is the same with the sticker on the box)

* -> * <- <- * <- and u will go to the service menu NOKIA *#92702689# lifetime *#0000# version SAMSUNG (havent test.. yet) *#9999# software version *#0001# serial no *#9998*246#battery status memory capacity *#9998*324# - *#8999*324#debug screen before buying please make sure that u check the phone properly if possible.. don't pay for any deposit... don't be tricked by them. if u're serious buyer.. then wait till the stock come which is actually.. just a few block or few shop away from the shop that you've been if you pay for deposit.. they will start to LIE!! DIE FAGGOT!! WE HATE YOU!! be a smart consumer.. dont be trick.. owh.. about AP set and "ori" this is totally bullsh*t just take the ap set.. BUT MAKE SURE THAT U GOT EVEYTHING THAT SHOULD BE ON THE BOX!!! no.. ap set doesn't mean that u get a less that ori pack.. no.. that's totally wrong.. ap set just mean that your warranty is only to that shop.. i repeat THAT SHOP!!!
so.. what's an "ori" set?

hahahaha... mostly girl are a common victim of this scheme...
"ori" that they mean is plus minus rm150 expensive and a title of "original"
no!!! its not original... you're not buying a fake-chinese-phone!!!

if u're buying nokia N82.. n u check its really N82.. its not a fake..
so WTF is "original" that they always mention?

its a trick to let us believe that the phone is original from MIDLAND // ZITRON // FMG
which is totally Bullsh*t!!

its the same actually.. just a bit pricey and the title of ori..
unless u buy from official SONY ERICSSON // NOKIA PRIORITY // SAMSUNG
if other than that shop.. yes.. u're handling a ap set phone..
if u doubt me... try and buy "ori" set and see if u get a warranty card of Midland // zitron // fmg

if u get it.. then u're lucky bastard.. if u not.. i will laugh at u till my tear drop

be a wise person..
think not twice.. but quadruple before u start buying or start choosing the right phone

from faer: I'll let the readers decide =P

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people r scum.thanks 4 letting me know..

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