ShortReview: AGENTS ARE GO!!!


From Collages

The Elite Beat Agents are at your service! Hehe~ Picture DDR using your hands! Yknow, the game where you need to step up to the rhytm?

Hey, this is actually a very interesting game. The moves are simple (just tap tap tap according to the song), the graphics are okay, the music: YEAH (Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavinge), YMCA (Village People), The Anthem (Good Charlotte), LaLa! (Jessica Simpson))!

I actually forced myself to complete the game (yeah i played EVERYTHING until the Elite Divas) yesterday and all i can say is: DAAAAAMN~ that felt GOOOD! Seriously! If you're going to get an NDS, this game, is a must!

GFX: 9/10
Audio: 9/10

Overall: 9.3/10

P/s: If you're interested in EBA, try playing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! It's almost the same, except it's in japanese. Happy Tapping!

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AwoL said...

yup.. this game really kakoi~

moonsyi said...

and the Asians LOOOOOVVEEEEEE dance dance revolutions.....

twatter, i'll follow u later =)