Ahh The Memoirs...

Huhuhu this time, trase nak flashback lak on the stuff that i own/half-own or not mine at all =P

Haaa firstly, my fav dingdings: Gadgets.

Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS) Lite
Bought last year at Low Yat on Merdeka Eve. Because in my way, that's the way to celebrate independence =3 Hey, even now i thank my forefathers for our freedom, coz if we didn't, mana leh main game kan?

Sony Ericsson S700i
Uhhuh~ Aku beli phone ni waktu zaman Matrikulasi dulu. Penat aku carik phone nie sampai mintak tolong semua orang yang aku kenal carikkan sekali. Thanks ek korang (Awol, Hafiz, Lelong.com, etc). Some of you may be wondering: Apsal laa ko carik phone yang dah nak jadi fossil nie? Well bagi aku phone nie ada nilai astetik sket. Tringat balik zaman aku tingkatan 4, ada 1 mamat nie, Johan, dia guna phone tue, and at that time, it was priced RM2999! Yela, at that time, nilai 1.3MP tu macam 10MP skang, and i bought it for like RM400 je. So tak tau kenapa, rasa puas giler biler dapat bli and guna phone tu~ TAKE THAT JOHAN, INGAT KO SORANG JE ADA!, was what i would say if i could travel back in time and shove the phone in his face =3 hehe~ Now it's performance macam kereta buruk, leh buat call tapi asyik mati. I'd still keep it, just to glance and laugh at it once in a while. Nak?

Motorola ROKR E2
Bought in the same year as the S700i, except i bought a new set using my Matriculation cash (If you're from matriculation, u know what im talking bout). This is one of my most charming midgets (apart from the one i have close to me at all times LOL). I bought this phone because of a few reasons:
  • It was fairly cheap at the time
  • Functions were good enuff
  • I could mod it any way i want it (no need SIM card, ear splitting volume, 100% customized looks, etc etc)
  • Uses linux OS (OpenSource was something i was deeply interested in as i was experimenting with Ubuntu at that time)
  • One of the FIRST phones made that can be used with a standard 3.5mm headphone
  • It was white (Once you go white....SHITE! *_*)
Now, after 3 years of excessive and heavy usage, it's memory card slot is clogged somehow and the joystick does NOT respond to the downward press. It could be repaired but im too lazy to get it to the Motorola Service Centres, too far. So im deciding to sell it to whoever would like it. Starting price is RM450, including a memory card of 512MB. Wannit? Btw, it still works (Calls, SMS, MMS, GPRS, radio etc.)

Hewlett Packard hw6515
Not for sale, not mine, my fathers. Only borrowing. =3
Recommended: Not really, unless you have the tendency to find out if you are lost or not, using its GPS function. The battery can tahan for 2 days on a full charge under normal usage (Calls n SMS).
If you're not into phones as big as ordinary notepads, not for you.
If you do not want to fiddle around with a stylus that MIGHT end up missing, not for you.
If you fear scratching the touch screen surface, DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU.

Moving on to: Pictures That Tell The Stories Themselves And If You Do Not Understand, We LOL At You!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Huhu anak kucing yang kena pangkah muka tu maknanye ia sudah berada di alam lain...pembunuhnya masih belum dikesan. Kalo boleh nak je tunjuk gambar kawasan pembunuhan tapi terlalu gore n gruesome. Tak sesuai kalo ada kanak-kanak lalu kat blog nie =P

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encik BANGLA said...

eos 350d + 18-55mm + 50mm = rm 1400

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Huhuhu tawaran nie sampai bila? Ak kna korek duit dlu bang... Btw thx.

zahirah ardy said...


Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hehe i calls it livin the life~ XP

AwoL said...

er.. tunggu august nnt.. ak listkn ak nye lak yer.. jgn jelez taw nnt.. huhuhuhuhu =P

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hahaha insyallah~ Ak nyer:
after bday pon maybe ada update baru lg kikiki~

eM. said...

kau membuatkan aku rasa nak merompak kau lah...

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Ko nak rompak ak nyer 'little midget' ke? Kikiki~

**PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

tomei sungguh kucing yg tido sengsorang tuh??? dia gian ngan bau ko ler tuh....they like a personal drug to d cat...hahaha

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...


Adilah said...

Man, I wanted to see the cat's murder pics. If you actually have them la.


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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