Pioneer DVR-XD09 USB DVD burner hardly bigger than a CD case (SlashGear)

At first glance this may look like a compact DVD case, but it’s actually Pioneer’s latest external DVD burner intended for mobility-concerned ultraportable and netbook users. The Pioneer DVR-XD09 tips the scales at 8oz and gets both power and data from a single USB 2.0 connection.

Both single- and dual-layer DVDs are supported, at up to 8x read/write speeds. CDs read at 24x, and the DVR-XD09 will begin shipping in August with an MRSP of $79.99.
[via GottaBeMobile]

Faer: $79.99 is around RM281.56 (Currently) Huhu so badly WANT THIS~! (Yes, I am such a geek =3) Info via SlashGear

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