The Normal Procedures *whack*

These are Ketupats...contrary to what you MAY hear: no they do not explode
...and no, we do not use it for whacking...

To non-Malaysians, you may be wondering: "What do the Usual Malaysians do before and after Hari Raya?" (Assuming you already know what Ramadhan, Syawal and Raya are =p) It's trivially simple, follow these steps:
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During Ramadhan (The Fasting Month):

1. Fast after Subuh (between 5-5.30am), break-fast a.k.a eat after Maghrib (between 7-7.30pm)

2. Go to Ramadhan Prayer a.k.a Terawih (I'm not gonna tell you to do 8, just do ur best =3)

3. Send some Raya-cards/ SMS/ eCards to people you know (seasons greetings rite?)
4. Ready yourself and home for Raya. (Crucial step but don't go overboard? LOL)

During Shawal (Raya Month):
1. Go to Mosque, do the Raya/Aidil Fitri Prayer (morning)

2. Salam2 (erm handshakes?) with you're parents/ relatives/ friends asking for forgiveness (and the usual packet of cash? >_<)

For simulation purposes, print this out, fold it, and hand it to people...

3. Go nuts at everyones else' house doing step 2 ^_^

1.There's this night called Lailatul Qadar and it's supposed to be a very strange yet magical night for prayers and wishes on one of the Ramadhan nights. So look out for it k.

Not this type of magical though...better than this at least =p

2. Do more good stuff/deeds on Ramadhan, coz according to Islam, it's the best month of the year for good doing deeds as the 'rewards'/pahala (not the place in Hawaii!) are multiplied greatly that time of year (think of it like bonus hour for deeds where you get multiplied reward points doing the usual shopping =p) So if you're a muslim, read more of the Quran, charity, you get the picture rite?

Not this pahala...

3. Before fasting, try to get up early before Subuh for Sahur, hey we don't want people to start off fasting empty stomached k.

Pic unrelated to hunger...
Happy Fasting ^_^

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