Food Review: This is Ikan Bakar Umbai (updated)

Location: Somewhere in Umbai (Updated =p)

So last week i was on my way back to my kampung which was my parents hometown actually. The route which we took was normally through Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and finally, Johor. While having a pit-stop in Melaka, my family stopped by a seafood restaurant in Umbai. To make it clear, it wasn't really a restaurant, but more like several stalls combined in one building like a foodcourt but they were all selling their best collections of seafood, mainly (yeah you got it) IKAN BAKAR!

Firstly, the place/stall we sat at was called Gerai Mesra Ayahanda (Yo Daddys Stall! =p) It was the 9th stall from the front. When we arrived, the table was messy, full of fish bones, leftovers and what-not-to-say-to-keep-appetites-normal. Then came the waiter which we thought would just sweep of the remnants into plates off the table. Surprisingly, they changed the table cloth! It was kinda nice because most of the time i go out to stalls, they either give your table a simple wipe or just swipe the food onto floors (hey i usually do mamak stalls in KL) So in terms of cleanliness, i give them A for the clean and warm table cloth n_n Enuff bout tables, move on to food!

A. Appetizers
You get like 20 otak-otak and a bowl of salad?

Some dadih and 10 packets of nasi lemak.

Story: After they changed your table-cloth, you get a right-away serving of 4 things: Dadih, Otak-otak, nasi lemak and a bowl of garden salad? LOL the dadih was given according to how many are at your table while the otak-otak and nasi lemak are given in 10s to each pak. Dunno bout the garden salad, not interested =p.

The Good: When you're hungry, these can take half up half of your stomach space.
The Bad: When eating while waiting, half of the stomach is already full and you just realized you've ordered tons of other food.

B. Main Course
Tiger prawns and kangkung.

Tiger prawns: FRESH! JUICY! BIG! Caution: Every bite will drizzle some prawn juice so ready tissues!
Kangkung: Well...its kangkung. Whaddaya expect? =p

Siakap and some clams.

Clams: Hmm didn't touch those.
Siakap fish: FRESH! TENDER! Note: Just eat it without dips, seriously, before it gets cold!


Crabs: Not the mating month so crabs are a bit hollow but nonetheless tasty. Not my thing as i have a bit of allergy on em T_T

Story: We ate the whole meal without rice because of the appetizers already invading half the space of our stomachs (burp~!) It was superb! And since we didn't feel any unbearable bowel movements the next day, it's safe to say that they did their cooking with top quality on cleanliness and cooking material. NICE!

So why did i not give them a 10/10? WHERE ARE YOUR FISH AND CHIPS! Is this a seafood stall or what? Ngeheheh~

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