100th post!!! LOMO LENS REVIEW (well sorta)!!!

Yeah i know, it's THAT big~

Salam and gooday to all that's still tuning in poorloggerblogger.com! This time, im reviewing one of the very cool Jelly Lens!!! Wide Angle version! ^_^

LOMO Wide Angle Jelly Lens Story:

So last Saturday i received an envelope, which is kind of weird for a letter content since it's so weirdly bulky:

This was the content!:

Wahahaha~ Jelly Lens! Wide Angle Series! =p

For those who aren't well versed with what Jelly Lenses are, go here: Link
For those who aren't well versed with wide angle lenses, go here: Link
For those who aren't well versed with LOMO, go here: Link

So let's look at the design:

  • It's got a pop-on cap (wish it was a screw on)
  • It's no bigger than a 10sen coin (cute!)
Review story: As stated, it's no bigger than a standard sized 10 sen Malaysia coin in diameter. Pretty cute for a lens. The jelly (the round gooey thing at the lens) is actually the thing that's going to keep it from falling off your camera/phone (if you don't intend to glue it permanently to a certain device) =p Here's a pic of the lens patched on a K770i:

So what's the big deal with using this type of lens on a PHONE? Let's see the difference:

See the left image (without wide lens) and the right one (with wide lens). Clearly, without the lens, only 2 person would fit in the picture. When applying the lens, a third person could also be fitted into the frame. Some would ask, Why don't i just move 2 steps back? Well my answer is: would you do it on the edge of a cliff? =p

In short, the wide angle/ fish eye design helps you add more stuff or elements into your frame without having you to move back one or two (sometimes more) steps backwards. It really helps when you're trying to fit like 10-20 people inside one pic without having to say "a lil bit closer guys" or "oh no, someones gonna have to go to the back or you're out of the picture k".

This is mainly due to the small lens size that's made on most of today's compact camera and camera phone models. Did i mention that the lens also works great on compact camera with lens diameter under 1cm? ^_^

So here's some more examples of the wide lens + K770i usage:

Price: RM13.50 each, including postage (Get a special price when ordering in bulk)
Types: Wide (Fish eye), Stretch, 6 image mirage, 3 image mirage, heart frame, blue filter, star, antique, Polarized, close-up, soft, starburst, vignette & sparkling.
Where: FilmSnap's Blog

Extra info: Lenses are washable, so the jelly can be cleaned if there's too much dirt.
The lens gets dirty REALLY quick so watch out or you're going to lose adhesiveness.
My order got here safely within a week after order was made =p Gonna order more.
Want one?

BEWARE: Cap comes off easily inside bag/pants pocket so jelly is extremely prone to dirt and stuff T_T It's better if you have a phone pouch to keep it in at all times not used.

This is so recommended to those who would like a feel of LOMO-ness but don't have the right budget for a real LOMO. Got any questions? Feel free to ask.

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cotscreative said...

mantap sey..
aku dh try ms raye ahad bru ni...
xsia2 ko beli..

eM. said...

nak pinjam!!!

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Ahahahaa thx cot!
Ko nak gak? Aku nak order lens laen pasni.

Em ko nak pinjam? Ahahahaha~ ko gna hp per? =p


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