Yeah~!!! K5 debate team won! =p *jumpy* with mp3's

Huhu sadly no pics of our victory against K10, but alas still a victory worth mentioning ^_^!

Instead, i'll post an mp3 link to Big Bang Theory's Intro song,get there by clicking
Big Bang Theory Intro

Also, for cik Rubi, here's the link to soundtracks from 8tv's Ghost i told you before~
4shared link

Lastly, if anyone's looking for the intro of Lie To Me, get it here:
Ryan Star - Brand New Day

P/s: I don't own neither uploaded these. They're just links. Please don't sue me +_+...

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**PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

clap2!! (^_^)

p/s: i dun think i like the idea of 'read more' tu ... erk~! =P

A.D. said...

hye...congrats on your win and the team..keep on the good work...kakaka

eM. said...

patutla berseri-seri je muka semalam!!

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@ecah:Ahahah thx~ Nape x ske read more?

@a.d: Thx mr driver! ^_^ YOUR TURN PLAK! Ngeh3~

@eM: Ngehehe xla, smalam ak epi coz dpt kuar ngan org yg aku ske *cewah*

twatter, i'll follow u later =)