LEE jangan minum banyak sangat! *with doenload*

Hey it's me! Erm just a short post to link you guys to my 2010 New Year Photos.Hit the jump for fullpost to link of AWESOME 2009 mashup!

And then~ here's a mash-up of hit songs from 2009, compiled by the AWESOME DJ Earworm!

4 text messages:

Mr.Chenta said...

knp gambar tu sensored? =D

aiRa hAnneY said...

haha..kak lee..kene report ngan die nih..

aMaLiNa asyIKin said...

giler jht..

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@ Mr. Chenta: Kui3 saja nak melindungi identiti sebenar mangsa photoshop =p

@ aira hanney: Kui3 gtau la~ x g meeting kang >_<

@ amal: Hehehe happy new yer!


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