You Really Should Try: Dropbox!

...Dropbox, is more than simple file sharing community...

Isn't there the time when you've done your work; presentation, video, music or possibly wanna share files with friends across the globe, but just didn't have the time to meet him or her? Well naturally you would just email the darn file right?

The thing is that Dropbox, is more than simple file sharing community service such as email. It's also a free online storage facility that allows you to store your files online for free up to 3GB!

Here's a demo video

In dropbox, you not only can use it to share files, but also make use to your advantage, such as using it as a server to upload your CSS or java scripts.

For me, i use the above advantage to store my scripts so visitors on my blog do not experience technical error such as the script not working because of exceeded bandwidth limit from the original script providers.

Then, there's the case where i usually forget to bring my flashdrive or i accidentally left it in my other pants and could not copy some stuff i wanted on someone elses PC. So what i do is i upload the files to my online storage and download it whenever i needed, provided there's internet connection.

This is really handy when you're the type that doesn't carry much flash data with you. It's also time ssaving when sometimes the only thing you need to have with you is a 100KB file. Try it today!

P/s: I'm doing this review because it's gonna come in handy for the next tutotial that i'm gonna be doing: Lightbox!

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