Top 5 Sites for The Holidays!

Hello children of the holiday~ Mr Faer is back with handpicked websites for you to indulge in this holiday season (with reference to Malaysian IPTA students of course =p) so that those of you who do nothing at home but laze around in your own smelly bed can FINALLY do something to fill your days~ ^_^ WARNING: Mostly for EXTREMELY lazy holiday zombies =3

Hit me links for better understanding of the sites!

First and foremost, i give you, the free game zone:! Every kid in town knows that games are a part of holidays~ a tradition actually, especially computer games! This site gives you tons, dozens and hundreds of free games, demo's and full-games for the taking. Take your pick: RPG, MMORGPG, FPS, racing, strategy, etc. Don't be so quick to judge the site as a boring game site just because it only provides free games, this is because this very site also offers some full-games with high graphic requirements with astonishing gameplay like F.E.A.R Combat (shit scary), Command And Conquers Series (classic), Track Mania, and my PERSONAL fav: Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Try the Top 10 Free PC Games selection. But i mostly recommend the FPS section...

Damn cats-viruses!

P/S: faer does not support piracy ok, download is the way! =p

Yes, manga! The all-goodness of the internets that brings you closer to japan and virtual books, hehe~ Here's:! Yoshi, actually this site isn't THAT unknown to online otakus but it's still a great way to laze around during the holidays, catching up reading some old mangas, y'know, those stories that you're either too busy to catch up due to projects, final exams, and other important agendas =p This site houses hundreds of different mangas, old and new, so you could start a new story straight after you're done with the old one. Or you might wanna read back old Doraemons that were discontinued long ago. I'm currently reading back Eyeshield21 and Detective Conan because i've left it behind too long~ Recommended reads: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Bakuman, Fairy Tail etc etc etc etc etc =p

This might happen to YOU!

P/S: Do not read continuously for more than an hour, hazardous to eye. Relax, the manga would still be there after you've taken some rest k =3

Yes, holiday is the time i would personally recommend on improving graphic skills, therefore, i introduce! This site is one of the many tutorial and sources site for many photoshopping, image editing and graphical editing works. It provides simple to follow tutorials on photoshop, illustrator and cool techniques to help improve your images. Get new brush sets, fonts and design advices for free~ Just don't forget to thank the authors k =p

Oooh yeah, Siguros...wait, i was looking at the art dammit!

P/S: Highly recommended~! Don't be too lazy =p

DIY or the long term: Do It Yourself~ Feeling a bit creative and itching to make something out of everyday items? Head over to! This is a site for those of you who're looking for ways to build something the almost-easy way (hey, can't promise everything to be easy=peasy right?) Say you wanna build an air-conditioner, a pizza or maybe you wanna make your very own Iron Man mask! For me, i just LOVE browsing through the photography sections, where i could not only learn how to build my own camera, but also how to build camera accessories to help me better my photography skills!

Look, now i have my own MK-II suit!

P/S: Did i mention it also has great advice on photography?

Another super-famous site for downloading applications for windows, mac and some linux. Cnet is well known for up-to-date programs that's mostly free for downloading. Need a new antivirus? They have a wide selection of home-user versions. Need to read a review of a program before downloading it? It's got LOTS on each download page, reviewed by over hundreds of users and web reviewers. Peronally i'd recommend downloading TuneUp Utilites 2010 (clean your pc k) and Desktop Snow (snowflakes! ^_^)

Update you're software hard enough and you just might make sumthin like this! WOOHOO!!!

P/S: Don't worry about viruses. This is one of the most reputable free protected and resources on the web, most of the time =p

Note: All banners above link to their respected sites and most of the images used above, belong to their respected individual owners and are protected =p There i said it! Plus, do click my nuffnang/ads to support my blog k. Thx!

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