New Banner, Ver 2.0!

Hey peeps! Hehe nothin much today, just braggin about the new banner up there~
You may be wondering as to why am i putting up a new banner? Here are some reasons:

1. The animated banner was so last year
2. Last banner was a bit too heavy to be animated on some PCs due to slowness of the network there.
3. Just wanted to try out sumthing new =p

Btw there's no read more this week. But thx for clicking =)

2 text messages:

Masokis said...

ui.. minat sungguh kat linux :D
ermm.. template awak ni ada iframe la.. asyik kuar je..

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Wahahah thx~ owh thx gtaw, akan diperbaiki~ tenkiu!

twatter, i'll follow u later =)