Skeletons From My Closet

So there i was, cleaning up my closet (not like the song by EMINEM), finding some old antiques from my school days that kinda brings me back some memories: horrible ones, good ones, cute ones and memorable ones. SO here's 3 things that i just wanna story on you guys =)(DSLR diatas hanyalah hiasan ^_^)

Ahh yes, the Durian Keychain, handmade by yours truly =P It was 2002 i think, that i made these. I was not into durians at that time actually but i kinda like the design of the fruit and there was this mini durian that was bought together with all these other bunch at the time. I took the small one, screwed on a chain on it's head and VOILA, im the ONLY kid in school that has a durian keychain on his backpack *bangga skejap* ^_^ It's amazing how the durian held on to the chain after all these years~ Strong, not only in smell and taste, but also in strength of its skin, worthily known as The KING Of Fruits!

The tale:
Well it was also during form 2 (2002) that i received my 2nd pair of glasses due to the need of heightened powers glasses (thank-you CRT TV!). So how did it get to the condition you see above? Well, long story short, it was a hot day and they say that you should never leave your glasses inside a car on days like that. I didn't. I sat on it T_T It was misplaced and i found it the hard way, underneath my ass. So after that incident, never again did i leave my pair of goggles lying around god-knows-where~ Lesson learned! CRUNCH!

I do have large ball(s) because:
It was 2004 UEFA European Football Championship, better known as Euro 2004. And somehow, my sister got me a football, eventhough i did not use it at all (let's face it, if i brought it to the padang, there's less than 10% of getting it back =p). Anyhow, my interest in football back then was about as much as it is now, like 10 minus 10 :P SO i just kicked it around the room a few times and then shoved it into the closet after the seasons over~ Welcome back Roteiro! We did not miss you, but it's good to have you for kicking again!

What antiques do you have from your past? =p

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beelathira said...

blergh..first picture buat hati berdebar2..dari buang better bagi dekat insan di sini...kihkihkih

A.D. said...

The durian keychain is so cool..i bet you a few 100 years more its become a collecters

**PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

Durian keychain ... what an idea!
erm, are u sure bout throwing away those DSLR???? erm, just to inform its my birthday on July the 8th ... soo, hahahaha.... =p BAGI KAT AKU JELAAAA....ish!

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@bell: Muahahaah! Sorila nak buang DSLR tuh, btw dah jadi adik aku nyer, sowie lg =p

@A.D: Aiyoo, in a few 100 years, i think it's gonna be dust oredi =p

@ecah: Wah~ siap gtaw bday nampak~ Expecting sumthing ker? T_T huhhuhu~

**PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

just nak suh bagi dslr tu je buat present kalau nak buang camtu je...arkarkark ... =p

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Wakakaka~ dah jadi adik aku punya r~ sowie =)

twatter, i'll follow u later =)