I need your help lah~

Click on the pic to view a screenshot of my photoblog~
Do you see what i see on my blog?

Salam and hey peeps~ Lately, i've been tweaking on my photoblog, faershoots.blogspot.com. So i've been viewing it on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer 8. Sadly, IE8 doesn't read my script too well and shows jumbled up graphics instead. And i'm just thinking, is it just me or does everyone not see what i see on my screen? Feedbacks pleez~ TQ!
Btw, also no longpost this week too~ =p

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kusut said...

heya! nice blog design lah. and cool photoblog too. tak berat macam ramai photoblog lain >_<

neway.. abt ur photoblog, viewed using chrome (5.0.3...) and no there doesnt seem to be any issues at all.

tapi bila guna IE (ie6 LOL) yg dah lama neglected itu.. i get 'error on page'. contents ada, tapi sidebars does not appear.

hope it helps!

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hey!!! Thx for giving a detailed feedback =) Much appreciated!

Hehe really? My photoblog really light meh? =p *bangga* Thx again!


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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