Top 10 M.O.M.S *with ahemahem links*

Happy Monday dear readers~! For those who were working their asses off, how was it? Tiring? Fun? Exciting? A bit of everything wasn't it? Well, here's something to blow those dull feeling away: MOVIES! And it comes with links too~=) So after dload-ing, just sit back and relax, enjoy!
Hit the movie banners for the links~

Reason to watch in 10 words: A comedy police action movie that's not too serious =p

Reason to watch in 10 words: The prince of Fresh Prince of Bell Air kicking ass!

Reason to watch in 10 words: Boxing versus Wing Chun! Sammo Hung versus Donnie Yen! Which will prevail?

Reason to watch in 10 words: The sci-fi addition to the list for all nerd fans~

Reason to watch in 10 words: Romantic comedy movie on how to spice up a date =)

Reason to watch in 10 words: Never thought that there would be a zombie family movie =)

Reason to watch in 10 words: Need motivation for tomorrow? PLEASE WATCH THIS! No singing/dancing! Woooohooo!

Reason to watch in 10 words: Horror is on the menu! Watch till the end! SERIOUSLY! O_o

Reason to watch in 13 words: Ever need to debate with your boss tomorrow, or convince something, watch this!

Reason to watch in 10 words: Roald Dahl's story made into a SEXY/FANTASTIC stop motion movie~

Some of these were recommended by certain friends (TQ) and most were my top favs this year. So what's your monday movie like? P/s: Notify me if there's a broken link k =) Thanks and have a wonderful monday!

7 text messages:

zahirah ardy said...

wehhhh kau tau Ip Man ada satu lagi version baru, u knowww? u knowwwwwwwwww???

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Aiyooo~ tau la cik Z~ the Prequel kan =p Hehehe~ Clear punnya melum kuar lagi lor =p

cawan merah said...

giler~! takut aku tengok poster muvee hantu ko nih

terus aku skroll bawah sepantas kilat yang mungkin

dyll said...

nice one..
nak donload.. tafiii, bekalan tenet tidak mencukupi..kah3.

Anonymous said...

Tengok Trainspotting, Requiem For A Dream, A Clockwork Orange, Pi, Mulholland Drive, Hard Candy. By the way dude, i do really want to send those slide which i have promised you but it seems that the file too big. so i will just upload in the mediafire. will let you know. daa..

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@CM: erk aku rasa t kalo antu tu jumpa ko, dier lagi takot ngan ko =p

@dyll: Aik bekalan tenet aper nie? Xpela, t da keje, dload kat opis =p

@anon: Oit, Pi tak jumpa download yang working r~ Bg link r~ Btw thx tlg upload slide =)

Anonymous said...

urgh, link? torrent je la.

twatter, i'll follow u later =)