a new matric number each day...with LIES!!!

Hey dudes and dudettes. This time I'm gonna be reporting on one of the weird happenings in UPM: Uspot! Please refer to my diagrams below...

Holy smokes Batman! On Sunday, my matric number was 156775, on Monday it was 146273, on Tuesday it was 150562 and today it's back to my own number.

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The thing that suck the most was that i thought i had infinite time limit (considering the time stated under the 'false' matric numbers were 00H and 00M and still usable) when it actually sucks out the 40 hours given during time of usage. What sucks even MORE is that since the stated time is 00H00M, which means zero hours zero minutes left, which means you will NEVER know how much time you have left on your Uspot account, until you're lucky enough to log into your own account.

I am ANGRY!!!

Sucks rite? I was using and using and today i got to log in with my own matric number which is XXXXXX *not gonna tell =p*, and i was in shock that my account only has about 27 hours of usage time left!

So in the end, what to do? Write a complain ofcourse *on my blog =p* Did you guys have the same problem?

Pics from Google.


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A.D. said...

I used to get that kind of thingy too...sometimes for a week le..

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

True~! I'm still getting it till today (friday). I think this is the part where we buy some sort of broadband la kan? T_T

beLL said...

err 27hours not enough ke? hoho. btw..bile kt masuk matric no orang lain..die tak deduct time kt kan?

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Ahahah biler 27hrs and hari rabu, not enough for me la, at least. I surf alot. And yeap, masa kena deduct, evnthough tak tunjuk.


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