PowerMat Wireless Charging, Want or don't want?

What is it?

So in a nutshell, it's a super high tech *over exaggerating* wireless charger where you only need to place your handheld devices (ipods, phone, game consoles, etc) on the mat, and let the wonders of wireless charging begin! But then...

What's it really like...

So really, you need a PowerMat receiver attached to your devices. Hassle or handy? Means that it's not really all that wireless-ish but like the review has spoken, it does tidy up things alot. And yeah, it does look cool when you just leave your phone there for charging instead of looking for the right cable in the jungle of wires. Verdict?

I actually kinda want it because it also connects to laptops. I mean it would be easier to charge my laptop using the powercube instead of dragging my big black charging block~

I think that's useful+lighter+neater.
Support for Laptops

"The holy grail of wireless charging is being able to set a laptop down on a mat and watch the battery percentage rise. Alas, Powermat doesn’t achieve this, but it does still support laptops, something other wireless charing solutions don’t do. Here’s how it works: there’s a special disc, called PC+, which plugs into the notebook’s USB port. Set the disc down on the mat, which, of course, is plugged into the wall, and the notebook will start charging."

Anyhow, it's not here in Malaysia yet so if you want it, ebay is the way :) [SOURCE]

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nice stuff..
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Hehe nice kan? Erm kete? Ko mod r~ :p


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