Just finished F.E.A.R. 2! *lap peluh*

Most of the time, i forgot that this was a sci-fi genre, not a horror.
Yes, i know it came out last 2009, so what if i finished it late? I got exams ok~ :} Plus Alma scared the poo out of me ~_~
So i have just finished my journey through F.E.A.R.2 Project Origins, and i gotta say it's a pretty good thrill. I mean that the storyline was ok, the graphics was fine, the scary feeling was there, nice job i guess. The only part that didn't sit too well with me was the map of the game, which was kinda confusing due to the dark-slash-gloomy surrounding atmosphere of the game. Other than that, it's alright in my book :)

Click to read F.E.A.R.2's wiki

Visual: 9 | Audio: 10 | Story: 9.5 | Controls: 10 | Overall: 9.625

Bye Alma Wade, muah muah! Sorry i made you *oops spoiler!*
PREGGO~ wait a sec, didn't you force yourself on me...while i was unconcious...ugh...

P/s: Malam ni tido kena basuh kaki, baca semua surah yang telah dinasihatkan, selawat >_< Btw, thx Kuda!

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zahirah ardy said...

That doesn't look much like a sci-fi game -_-" Macam Ju On.

de Picasso said...

wah hebat ko paan. lame x nk maen? ak xabes2 lg kot~

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@z: hehe tau xpe, most of the time kalo the 'girl' tetibe kuar dalam toilet, aku mmg freakout @_@

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@kuda: Hehe thx :) Erm kalo continuously main, rasanya dalam 20jam ley abes kowt. Abes2kanla time cuti ni sementara sempat :3


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