faeReviews: So in the end, is it time to say YES, no or maybe? | Part1

So, i've been experimenting with one of Malaysia's 4G network, the infamous YES network! After a weeks usage, i found out lots of stuff bout it, the good, the bad, the ugly of YES. And in the end it got me thinking, is it really time to say YES, no or maybe?

Salam and hi again. These days, there's like so so SO many choices provided for wireless broadband connection isn't there? Like POPULAR companies like Maxis, Digi and Celcom. And as you all may have read last week's post, UPM did a YES promo for students, and i was there to get myself one of them Go! dongles (RM99). After that alot of people have been asking me to describe the YES charges applied to UPM students, under it's Education Partner Program (EPP). Here goes:
What am i paying for + what do i get under EPP? Click to reveal~

  • YES 4G Go! Dongle: RM99
      By paying for the Go! Dongle, you get the Go! + RM100 Yes Credit (RM10 included into your Yes account each month for 10 months)
      Monthly, each student receives RM9 worth of Yes Credit automatically *let's say this is the UPMY credit*, weather he/she uses it or not. So in total, if you purchased the Go!, you get RM19 per month for 10 months.
      Does the service stop after 10 months? No. But the Yes Credit provided monthly will drop to RM9 until the student graduates.
      What happens if i don't use the credits inside my account? Well, the RM10 rebates will be brought/transferred to the following month (so if you haven't used up the RM10 in the current month, your following month's total rebate would be RM20.) But the RM9 UPMY credit will automatically burn up regardless of usage. That means, at the beginning of every month until graduation, the UPMY credit will reset to RM9 (even if you did not use any UPMY credit during the previous month.)
      Does it expire like normal reload? No, there's no expiration date for the credits. So if you have an unused balance for example RM50, you can still use it even after months later.
      What happens after i finished the given credits? Well, you either get yourself some Yes Credit reloads, or stop browsing the internet for the time being until the Yes Credits are refilled in the following month.
      So that's about as much as i know about Yes 4G EPP plans. For more info, you gotta call the helpline or email them. So now, let's go to the main discussion, the good, the bad, the ugly of my personal experiences with YES! CLOSE

  • Design of the Go! Dongle 1: I am not liking the glossy finish. Seriously, why do most of the wireless dongles i get have to be glossy? You get smudges, scratches, that sticky feeling that makes you wanna wipe it alot! ~_~
    Btw, it's a SIM-less dongle, like a wi-fi dongle. You only need to have a YesID and password to use it on any PC or Mac. So your friends can use it too, as long as they have a valid YesID and password *look inside Email Mutiara*.
    The USB connector folds in neatly inside the dongle, opens by rotating up to 270-degrees. Click to reveal~

    Design of the Go! Dongle 2: The width of dongle is equivalent to a 10sen *see, i spent too much, so i only have 10cent left to be used for size comparison ~_~* Oh well, the point is that it's as small as any broadband dongle devices in todays market. Remember, so small, so easy to lose :p Oh yeah, it doesn't have the classic hole to tie your lanyard *i know lots of people are still doing this if they lose lotsa stuff :3*

    Love the design of the Tron like USB connector pin :D Click to reveal~

    The glowing one eyed cyclops connected to PC XD Click to reveal~

    Connection: Connecting the device was easy enough after my account was activated through the Yes website. You just need to download the 4G network manager to log into your account.

    To be continued~ :D Comin soon in the next part: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly... D:

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