faerReviews: I don't need an iPod Nano, just a Champ!

Perfect partners for my delicate ears.
So i was walking around in Digital Mall PJ a week ago, looking for a PMP (Portable Media Player). My eyes were set on some of the very infamous brands such as Iriver, Sony Walkman, iPods and such. But in the end i bought a hand phone. What gives?
So wat is it? *drumroll*
In simple terms: it's a phone, touch screen. Yep. I bought a hand phone called Samsung Champ | C3303K @ RM350 that came with a charger, 3.5mm pin handsfree kit, a 2GB micro SD card and the usual book and papers.

Do not be fooled by the excellently HUGE headphone in the picture, for it is NOT, again NOT included inside the box. I bought that separately long time ago. It's the Philips SHP2000, one of the best headphones i've ever had :D
So why buy this? *drumroll*

Please don't stop the music!

As mentioned earlier, i was originally looking for a PMP or in simpler terms, an MP3 player to replace my old one which was severely malfunctioning. I didn't wanna buy those cheap *as low as RM40 for 4GB* iPod imitations as they don't really sell quality along with the devices.

So to get myself some peace of mind, i started browsing on the "branded" side of things, Sony Walkmans, Creative Zens, Iriver devices and finally iPods. They all seemed great at first, until i had a thought:
Am i REALLY gonna spend RM300-RM500 just on a device that can only play music or tell time at most?
I mean, sure yeah, it's gonna look AWESOME, it's gonna sound AWESOME on my ears, I'm so gonna have a party in my head if i bought those, but then i thought that it's a really crappy and wasteful idea. So i gave up on the PMPs, walked away. I continued my stroll until i saw it, the Champ!

Well it wasn't on the table la at that time :p

Then i thought:
this does more than a PMP at a cheaper price tag!
I was struck by a thought, why don't i just get a phone? O_O I mean, a phone that could fit a 3.5mm headphone jack. And Champ was my winner. It's got everything i needed.

Firstly, a sleek look, reminds me of my white NDS. The device comes in 4 colors: Deep black, Espresso brown, Sweet pink, Chic white. Obviously i choosed white *because white goes with anyhing :>*

Second,3.5mm headset port. THANK YOU GOD! Fit's perfectly with my headphones, any standard earphones :> even hookup my speakers in to this baby.

The plus point here is that i wouldn't need to buy some special converters to be used with the device just to use it together with my headphones. Also, using 3.5mm ports are much more reliable than standard headset ports on most mobile devices as they can easily be detached inside your pocket, unnoticeable sometimes.

Third, a web browser. I know i don't do a lot of browsing on the phone, but once in a while i do tend to use Facebook Zero *the only free connection from Digi* so i guess having a touch screen browser is a plus even on a device as small as this one. Can't watch Youtube, but i'm ok with that.

Then there's the alarm function to wake you up *any iPod nanos or Walkman with this function?* No picture of that :p

Say cheezowazakasakilokuniererer~ :D

Finally there's a 1.3MP camera for your snapping pleasure. It's not the greatest mobile camera but it'll do nicely for RM350 device. The function's and image quality of the camera's are quite basic, but sufficient for basic users the snap away a few precious moments in life :D I'll provide sample images later at the bottom.
Anything else we should know about the device?
Hmm...the calls made are not bad, loud and clear, thus acceptable. The screen's dark underneath direct sunlight, so try to find a shade when looking at the thing on a hot day. On full charge, medium usage *calls, SMSing, 2-4 hours non-stop music playing, internet surfing* per day, it should last up to 3 days before hitting low battery.

There's not much useful JAVA apps for the device yet. And you need some getting used to the touch screen. It's fun, but needs a lotta practice. I got the hang of it after 2 hours of fiddling around :3 Don't fret if you're not comfortable using thumbs on the screen, a stylus pen is included at the back of the device.

For the thumbly challenged :p

Yeah, in my so freakin honest opinion, this is waaay better than buying a device that's not providing much function, but cost's just as much if not more. Oh one more thing, if you're worried that this is a regular sized phone while the PMPs are tiny devices, have a look at this:

Not very big is it?

So, in the end...
My verdict? If you're not the kinda person who needs a wi-fi on mobile devices, wanna try a touch screen device for the first time or like shiny white plastic like i am, this is a good thing in your budget :D Plays music well, wakes you up on time for class and doesn't look too bad at all. 4/5 because no 3G:(, and i wished they would've given me white earphones instead of black :(( TheEnd!

More pics:Front | Left | Above | Right | Back | Dial Mode | Type Mode | Music Mode | Sample Image A | Sample Image B | Sample Image C | Finger Swipe 1 | Finger Swipe 2 | Touch2Text

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**PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

attracted to the photo!!....santek sungguh gambar2 itu... =|

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Wah~ tenkiuuuuuw~ :>

i M a Z a i M i said...

bagi pinjam. haha~

Asyraf Azizan said...

angkat galaxy la best.huhu

Nabilah Rashid said...

cant argue.galaxy is a pretty dem hot(android 2.2) phone~
never heard of ur champ before^^
is it a smartphone?no wi fi meh?
very persuasive review.*in a good way~

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@lehe: haha memang la best, tapi aku tak carik phone pown sebenarnya, carik mp3 player :p *tapi last2 ada gak galaxy sebijik kat umah XD*

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@nabilah: ahahah yeah, it's very tempting kan? :p But i've had my share of experiences with Androids. Can't argue bout the cool factor, just that it's not in my needs at the moment. Who knows maybe in the future :p

Smartphone? Not-so-smart la kowt ;p Yeah no wi-fi (coz i'd rather browse and download on a large screen :D)~

Hehe bet ur persuaded already :> thx~ :p

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

@ima: pinjam camera dlu :>

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

beli je htc hd2.. then flashing jadi froyo 2.2 ^_^
then it will be an awesome phone!!
4.3inch multitouch with froyo~
gingerbread also available :-P

-azrul izwan-

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Haiyo~ tak perlu la bwat masa nie dude. Tgh simpan dwet nak bli Nintendo 3DS :D


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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