"Good Morning" from around the world!

Please, watch it in fullscreen at 720p :>
Dang, i feel going to the airport right effing now! But then again, I still need another RM500,000 for the round trip including breakfast for a month...hurm...~_~ Pinjam duit sket leh?
"From Tokyo to New York to Cuzco to Istanbul, this video shows one day in the life of the world, shot with a Canon 5D2 and EF24mm-F2.8 lens. I just want to go to the airport and leave now. "[giz]
p/s: i dunno why, but it's 4am and i was tired, but after watching this i feel kinda refreshed, weird~ :)

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Anonymous said...

720p je ke?
hahaha.. i tgk 1080p ^_^
-azrul izwan-

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

hehehe ko gne unifi leh la. Takpe2, aku 4G :D


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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