faeReviews: So in the end, is it time to say YES, no or maybe? | Part2

Salam and hi again peeps. So sorry for the uber-late update :p Was kinda down with the flu due to extreme exposure to raindrops X_X Anyhow, today i'm resuming where i left off from my last update about Yes4G review. And the conclusion is...
The Good-side

  • Very fast and stable connection.
      To test this, i copied a game of Ragnarok Online from my friend. All i can say is that i'm pretty impressed with the service. No lags, out of like 10 times played, there was only 1 session which the game disconnected, but that was due to the server of the game itself, not the network.

      Note: this was a light game as the max transfer data recorded was about 4MB after 2 hours of gameplay. I haven't tried games with heavy games like DOtA or other 3D MMORPG.

      Videos of Youtube loaded smoothly, some not even buffering, just completely filled up the moment the video page loaded. Note that this was only tested on videos with quality 240p and 360p, as my credit was limited, so i didn't wanna waste it on HD videos as i don't really watch it often.

  • The Bad-side

  • High-speed connection high.
      I have to admit, i have been using some pretty shitty networks with speed i could only sum up as hate. Hate because the speed was slow, inconsistent and that i have no other choice other than to surrender. Then came Yes 4G, it's fast, consistent, no monthly payments for students, everything good.

      I got addicted, within 4 hours, i spent RM20 just like that on youtube videos. I mean, GOD it was so great watching videos without lags, timeouts and all that shit you get from some *other* broadband networks. So if you're getting this, you better learn how to control yourself, or else, it's all gonna be spent in less than half a day.

  • The Ugly-side

  • High-speed connection high ENEMIES
      Well, you can't have excellent speed without making a few enemies rite? What do we know about Yes4G so far? It's fast, it's easy and it's a Pay-Per-Use (PPU) service, which means that any data downloaded into your device, through this network, will devour your Yes Credits.

      With the enemies of this service being so devious, it kinda makes using Yes4G suck a bit. What are they? I call them: GHOSTLY NINJA SOFTWARES! These are the softwares that sneakily download stuff unnoticable to the current user by default settings. Eg:

    • Antivirus - It's important to update PC protection, but please don't do it on a PPU network, it's such a waste of MegaBytes, AND money.

    • Windows updates - You sneaky bastard! I hate it when suddenly there's a pop-up ballon saying: Your Updates are ready to be installed! AGGGH~!

    • Advertisements - Seriously, some advertisments are videos played as soon as you visit the page which are between 1MB to 10MB O_O

    • Streaming audio/video - I have friends, who have blogs, who have streaming music or videos on their pages. I won't visit them while using Yes4G because it's a complete waste of my MegaBytes streaming their unlistened music *eventhough it's paused* Sorry guys, it's true, sometimes your musics are given priority to load rather than images on your pages, real bummer.

  • The Conclusion

    Honestly, not yet. I mean yeah, for students we have it good with the free credits provided by our IPTAs, but that's not good enough for 'our kind of users'. We download alot, we surf alot, we look for a lot of things, and our hunger for speed can rarely be contained such that we would control ourselves from finishing that RM9 credits in the shortest time we could.

    Until Yes4G provides a 'minimum amount' to use unlimited internet access *like: use at least RM30 per month for unlimited access*, it's too costly for anyone that's on a tight budget, especially students.

    With that said, anyone who's a download freak, youtube addict: this is definitely not for you if you're not willing to cough up at least RM50 per month (about 1.6GB). If you're a blog-walker, watch out for blogs with streaming contents like music player, as they WILL SUCK UP YOUR CREDITS! And finally, turn off automatic updates while using Yes4G, it's the smart thing to do.

    That's about it :D Happy trying! Bye~

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    beLL said...

    mcm bes pay per use. tapi tym register kena byr brape? hoho.

    Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

    student takyah bayar ntuk registration. Tapi kalo regular user, kne bayar RM50 ntuk registration, pastu RM 10 ntuk 1st reload.

    **PriNciPLe_AmZy** said...

    Oooo....now i know.
    Thanks for the info.

    Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

    @ecah: your welcome :D *btw now da rasa slow da ~_~*


    follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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