UPM, As Seen On TV *newsflash*

Clearly, we have a lot of back to back action here :p
Let's recap what happened: What did happen? Anybody can help fill me in on this? I had class :( All i know was that: this happened[LINK] and then it went into the papers[LINK] before 4pm.
P/s: Why did this have to happen on my exam week? T_T
P/s: My eyes are tired of reading notes on monitor @_@
P/s: Can i sue some people if i don't get a job because of this?

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Afzainizam said...

║║╔║║╔╗ ║
╠╣╠║║║║ ║
║║╚╚╚╚╝ O
" Antara kau dan aku
Blog ini sebagai pengantara”
uihhhhhh ganazzzzzz ganazzzzzz udahhh lerrr dah macam merusuh ni.....

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Well untuk diorang, bila demokrasi dah down, ni je la penyelesaiannya :/


follow.me.k, i'll follow u later =)



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