It's a question of personal taste :b

If there's one thing all humans think other people should have, it's the same taste as theirs. Don't believe me? Ask one person about something they like, food, sport or even their favourite sleep time, then disagree with them.

For example:
  • A: Eh ko suka makan apa ek?

  • B: Spaghetti carbonara ngan pepperoni pizza.

  • A: Hek eleh tengok, western je~ lidah omputeh~


  • C: Hey, watched football yesterday?

  • D: Tak minat la, but i did see the result this morning~

  • C: Huh? Nenek aku pown tengok la~
I mean, taste is an individual thing, if it's the same, then we have something in common, if it isn't then do we HAVE to make the person feel bad about his or hertaste and force our taste into them?

Anyhow, all the goodluck to Harimau Malaya, i couldn't be at the stadium today because the tickets were sold out, sorry :|

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rubi @ cawan2 said...

tgok kat tv sudah. kalu duk stadium, kot player kenal ko, xp gak. huahaha..

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Hahaha~ kalo kenal player, aku dah dapat tiket free kowt :P Aku kenal coach jer :D

twatter, i'll follow u later =)