The Setinggan Solution!

Kewl! Just that parties can never exist here~ Click images to enlarge each pic.

DANG! That's cre-a-tivee! I mean, what the heck, if you're a bachelor living by yourself, anti-social, too lazy to clean AND a cheapskate, this would be the PERFECT settings, and also a plus value if you're never making a house party :D

JESUS Diaz - We've featured some really ultra-thin houses in the past—and then some more—but nothing like the Keret House, an impossibly slim structure that will be built in a crack between two buildings in the city of Wola, Poland.

At its wider point, the house will be just four feet. At its thinnest, it will only be 28.3 inches. And yet, it seems like a cute, fully functional house. If you are a tiny alien or Etgar Keret., the Israeli writer who will be living in it.

Designed by Centrala architects, the house will be built from a three-dimensional steel frame, covered with plywood and insulation panels finished with concrete cloth. My favorite feature: The spaceship-like stairs that go down to let people go inside. [Centrala via Archdaily], via [GIZMODO]

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Anonymous said...

nice gle!!
ak nk design "bangunan" ni r weh.. tgk leh jadi kenyataan ke x nnt ^_^

Anonymous said...

ops.. lupe plak.. aku nk design "bangunan" mcm ni!!!
nnt ak dh design.. ak post kt blog aku kot?huhuhu



twatter, i'll follow u later =)