The camera mod that you can throw around :)

Yeah i know, ugly, but this is better than buying a new camera right? No? :(
I know some of you out there are too scared to hold a camera because you're too worried you might drop it. You might even be too scared to let others hold your camera for fear that THEY might drop it and shatter it to a million pieces. Let's see how SUGRU Silicone Rubber eases those worries~ *yes, those colorful clay on the camera*

How to repair glasses, using SUGRU Silicone Rubber

[VIDEO]:“It's an ordinary camera lined with Sugru silicone rubber, which is kind of like clay but also sorta like duct tape. Once attached to something, Sugru sets itself permanently. Like this camera. Watch it roll around on the street.

Giving a better grip for your camera :D

You can actually make your own Sugru camera and because of its soft-touch rubber silicone-esque properties, it bounces around and absorbs shock quite well. I'm not sure it'll survive a 10-story drop but if you gave your accident-prone kid this camera, it should be able to handle his butterfinger-laced hands. ” ... via [GIZ]

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Asyraf Azizan said...

apekah itu. plastesin ke

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Plastesin, tapi lepas dibentuk, 24 jam kemudian ia akan mengeras macam getah jam tangan dan akan lekat pada permukaan yang ditampal.

So macam video kat atas ni, dia buat jadi frame anti-shock untuk kamera dia, so just incase jatuh, kamera pown ok jer~

twatter, i'll follow u later =)