Have Some Faith. (aka. Mirrors Edge)

Oh and the game's called Mirrors Edge, not Have Some Faith :P
Hey, give me some slack la. I've just found the time to finish this game recently :) Yeah, it's the year 2012 and i have just finished playing Mirrors Edge (ME), which was released in 2007. Why am i not playing MW3? I dunnow. But what i do know is that ME is the kinda game that makes you wanna go out there and run like the wind, and possibly, fall like a brick :P
Geez if i'm doing a review of a game that was from 2007, does that make it a "retro review?" Haha i dunno. But anyhow, here's a preview of what the game is all about.

Yeaaah, get aload of that, 2007 graphics~ :D
So what's the story here?
So you're playing as Faith, little sister (or was it big sis) to one of the city's female officer, soon to be framed for murder of a highly positioned CEO of some sort. As one of the Runners (a kind of messengers who jumps all over buildings and tight spots to get from point A to B) inside the city, you now have to find a way to clear or pretty much save your sister.

I just wished i was playing this with 3D glasses! BD
Gameplay, the good parts!
To achieve this you only need to hmm...let's see, jump from building to building as fast as you can (because let's face it, you're gonna drop if you stop in mid-air right?), climb through air ducts, pipes, tight spots, jump from train to train, dodge bullets, shoot bullets aaaand...yeah pretty much those. Kinda like Metal Gear/Splinter Cell but less espionage :P

There's 10 chapters including tutorials. Trust me, you're gonna need to really learn the tutorial coz it's gonna be applied ALOT around the last few chapters. Oh and this game, ain't all about free running and dodging bullets. There are quite a few scenarios where you gotta let your brain juice flow.

Take for example: There are no such thing as stairs around you, but you gotta get to the 10th floor A.S.A.P. That's pretty much the kind of "puzzles" laid out through out the chapters of this game. So it pretty much boils down to problem solving, speed and accuracy to get from one place to another.

Owh, and whatever you do, AVOID falling~ I got nightmares from too much of those O)_(O
Scores by ME:
  • Story: 9/10
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Controls(PC): 9/10
  • Audio: 10/10
  • Adrenaline: 9/10

  • Other than that, happy playing peeps :D

    Who's Faer?
    Faer currently plays PC games from the early 2000's because when those games came out, he either had no sufficient hardware to play those games, hadn't the chance to try any of those at the time or was just too preoccupied with studying. Since now his hardware are all capable of gaming, he is now indulging in outdated games most of the time, thus missing out MW3, the latest NFS, COD, Skyrim etc. T_T

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