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Salam and hey peeps :D Today, im sharing with you readers infos of some games that i've been playing these past few weeks. Yep, SOME games. I'm not saying that i was playing these games simultaneously LOL. It's just that i've been switching games every few days so that i don't feel bored playing the same thing every day :) It's not a review ok, just my view of what the game feels like so far.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (GBA ver.)
  • So far played: 50%
  • Impression so far: Great story, classic SNES graphics & audio, awesome gameplay! A timeless classic worthy of replay!
  • Gonna finish it?: YEAP!(*°∀°)=3
  • Recommended?: Totally!

  • The Last Remnant (PC ver.)
  • So far played: 15%
  • Impression so far: Great story, excellent graphics and audio (Jap & English), tad bit confusing control system.
  • Gonna finish it?: Meh...maybe.(* ̄m ̄)
  • Recommended?: If you're into Square Enix games, yeah!

  • Back To The Future, The Game Episode 1-5 (PC ver.)
  • So far played: 25% (Episode 2)
  • Impression so far: The story line here continues after BTTF 3 (at least i think it is) so if you enjoyed those, you're gonna enjoy this (^▽^), also if you've played Sam & Max before, you'd know how much fun these games are~
  • Gonna finish it?: Let's see how the story develops in episode 3, then decide.
  • Recommended?: You should try it.

  • P/s:Currently downloading: Mass Effect 3 Demo (゜◇゜)
    Faer currently plays PC games from the early 2000's because when those games came out, he either had no sufficient hardware to play those games, hadn't the chance to try any of those at the time or was just too preoccupied with studying. Since now his hardware are all capable of gaming, he is now indulging in outdated games most of the time, thus missing out MW3, the latest NFS, COD, Skyrim etc. T_T

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