It's Q3 2015. What else is new?

More than just four digits, if you think about it.

Good day, and hello again. Surprisingly, many has happened. There were good times, there were hard times. With gratefullness to God, Alhamdulillah we have made it past 2014. We have time travelled forward into the future, as we always had.

How much has changed?

I see the changes that have followed with the struts of time. Friends from singles to couples to engaged to married. Some are even blessed with children. Congratulations to you guys! I myself have stepped down the path of marriage. It's still an unbelievable feat till this day.

As for this dusty old memory I have conjured up during my younger days, It is uncertain whether it will remain as a memory, or whether it will be transformed into a new experience all over again. Anyhow, one can always dream and wish. What's your change in 2015 so far? Or have you remained as you were in 2014?

I'm still a manchild. I just found a permanent playing partner. Insyallah :)

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